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Programming and Databases


Programming and Databases

Developing dynamic applications

Intunet develop static corporate and brochure web sites - it's true. We also develop internet and intranet applications - so called applications because they do something dynamic other than look pretty and display words. Applications involve programming to create the dynamic functionality and databases to hold the dynamic data.

We have built complete online systems for clients who have very specific needs for their companies. Without the unique mix of programming, database and server administration skills that Intunet offer, these systems would not have been possible.

Programming the business logic

If you want an application to do something useful, it will involve programming. The programming language that you employ depends on the application and its environment. Internet (or online) applications predominantly use scripting languages eg, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, Javascript and Actionscript. These languages are used to map out the business logic of an application.

Essentially, Intunet is a Software House with considerable depth and breadth knowledge of the Internet. We make it happen.

The development environment

It is not only the language that is important, it is the method of programming and environment in which it is used. Intunet program with an object oriented methodology; a style of programming typically focussing on the application data; we also use a Model-View-Controller framework that empowers good separation between the application's user interface and the business logic.

It is important to note that Intunet use a source control system that maintains revisions of the software we write. Fitting snugly alongside the source control system, is our in-house releasing mechanism that allows any application version to be deployed to our development, test or production environments.

The database

A database, as the name implies, holds on to the data used in an application. Which database you choose will depend, again, on how it is being used. Intunet has rock solid experience in relational database such as MySQL, Oracle and Sybase; we have unique insights into database design and database interface techniques.

Intunet has developed small business single table solutions to replicated enterprise database environments for operational, analytical and warehouse data.

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You can see examples of bespoke web sites in the Our Clients section

What our Clients say

Intunet are our facilitator for us to use the Internet's technology. We come up with ideas for them to develop, but they know things that we don't so they frequently make suggestions along the way. Our objective is to use the Internet to become more efficient, and that's where Intunet help us. 

Bill Holmes - UK Fuels

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