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Make money through your web site

Intunet have a secure, scalable and professional Ecommerce solution that leverages the incredible benefit of selling online. Our state of the art eCommerce solution creates online stores that can be tailored to look exactly the way you want while maintaining simple, comprehensive and secure administration screens.

It is a fact that the Intunet Shopping Cart is generating considerable daily sales for our clients. One client made £15K in the very first month of trading online.

Save money through your web site

An Ecommerce web site is not only there to make money through direct online sales, it has the added benefit of an easy sales management and administration process. A client will browse your products, choose your products, buy your products and be invoiced for your products all without you lifting a finger.

An Ecommerce site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and doesn't need a shopkeeper or expensive overheads. There is no better method available that can take money every single minute of every single day.

Sales integration through your web site

Off-the-shelf, the Intunet Shopping Cart is a modern, feature-rich Ecommerce engine and this is indeed truly inspiring. We also offer unique benefits with modification and integration of our solution. If it needs to accommodate a current web site or it requires a special feature or it must cooperate with third party software, our expert team is on hand.

Intunet understand that committing to an Ecommerce solution doesn't mean that you have to commit to a whole new sales process; we will blend into any surroundings.

Intunet Shopping Cart features

Feel free to browse the following feature documents online or offline:

If you do not see the feature you are looking for, please contact us because we will have the answer.

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For us, they've helped our business grow, which was the objective. They designed and built our web site but also gave us back up. Their performance has been very measurable, and their attitude flexible and down to earth. Of all companies we invited to pitch they stood out by their professionalism. 

David Pedley - Wessex Training

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