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Beauty with Clarity

Once we have a clear picture of the structure of the web site, development of the front end (the bits you see) and the back office (the bits you don't see) begins. In short, every web site that we build is a challenge in both appearance and functionality but the goal remains the same; the creation of a work of art.

When designing and building a web site, clearly the most important thing is to engage the intended audience with clear, effortless navigation.

Web Standards

Researching and reviewing the best ways to present information in a usable and accessible way, is all part of our design and build process.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was founded in 1994 to help maintain a standard for all sites on the Web. The front end team at Intunet is driven by its principles and pays close attention to content delivered to all popular browsers. Intunet ensure that as well as incorporating inspiring and usable design, our clients' web sites adhere to the W3C guidelines wherever possible.

Practical Web Solutions

We have been involved in hundreds of projects, and over our 15 years within the Web Industry we have accumulated colourful solutions at both ends of the spectrum:

Some CMS solutions are overly complicated, even for an experienced Web Developer - we can't expect our clients to become experts too.

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You can see examples of bespoke web sites in the Our Clients section

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It looks fantastic! I can't believe I am going to look this professional - I feel a bit of a fraud! 

Hilary Martin (on her logo and stationery design) - Hilary Martin Integrated Design

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